Table Maintenance Tips and Hints

Here is some helpful advice to remember upon purchasing your new Snooker or Pool table.

The best way to make sure that you have none of these issues is to get one of our team here at The Handmade Snooker Company out to have a look at your table on a regular basis. Ideally this should be once a year. Using our many years of experience and know how, we can advise more fully on how to fix long term issues. Even better, subscribe to our service plan and let us handle any situation, any time.


Chalk may appear to be your cues best friend, but it can also have harmful effects on the table cloth.
Every time you chalk the cue up before your latest trick shot extravaganza, you may actually be causing damage to the cloth itself. Chalk is very abrasive and easily gets into the fiber of the cloth. It is highly recommended that you chalk the cue away from the table.
One way to try and clear the chalk from your tables cloth, is by brushing it from the surface. Whilst on paper this is a solution that gets results, often this makes the problem worse. How? By brushing the chalk further into the cloth and eventually making it unplayable.
The best results are often achieved by using a small, low powered, vacuum on the cloth and brushing towards the pockets.
Failing that, speak to ourselves here at The Handmade Snooker Company and use our maintenance service to take care of any issues.


Another way of safe guarding your cloths use is to make sure that you regularly clean the balls you have used after each game.
Balls will inevitably carry any kind of dirt that may be on the table, further across the table. So in conjunction with careful cleanliness, use a micro-fiber cloth upon the balls. Try and avoid use of cleaning chemicals as these will leave a residue upon the ball and make it harder to guide them accurately with your cue.
Also, balls travel at a ferocious rate across the table. This can also leave marks across the cloth. These much resemble burn marks. It’s best to clean these regularly to prevent having to completely replace the cloth.


Using your table inappropriately for sitting or leaning, can also drastically shorten its lifespan. The more movement upon its base, the more likely that you will cause damage to the legs and the wooden structure that contains them.
Each leg has a specific pin that screws into the cabinet of the Snooker or Pool table. Every time that you sit upon it, pressure is applied to these pins. Eventually the entire structure will begin to move, throwing your table off balance.
The same applies to the cushion pockets. You may notice that there are rubber casings around the pockets. These are attached with a glue resin to hold them in place. Undue stress upon the glue holdings will cause them to start and tear away from the base.


It may seem strange, but even the position of your table can cause damage. In an un-noticeable way until it’s too late.
By positioning your table next to a window or a place where light can bleed through, fading can occur upon the cloth. Worse than that, it can also ruin the finish of the wood. Moisture levels can especially affect this, by causing the wood to break up and crack. Keep your table away from windows, heated appliances such as fireplaces and radiators to ensure its condition is kept to a high standard.

For general cleaning of your cloth, acquire a felt cleaning product and gently clean against the stain, in much the same way that you would brush against a problem.

These are all just basic guidelines. The best way to maintain a table is to play the game on it, get a feel for how it handles. So relax and enjoy!