Commercial maintenance for Snooker and Pool Clubs

We are able to act as maintainers of your businesses Snooker and Pool tables

With our building of Snooker and Pool tables, we are aware that with consistent use tables will become prone to bouts of high activity. This will lead to inevitable wear and tear on the product.

Using us as your official maintenance team will benefit you and your customers!

We’ll check your table and make sure that its still fully industry compliant, checking the surface for any sign of damage.

We will also check on the consistency of the main frame build, so there is no unseen damage to the leg pins and the main frame of the unit.The leg pins are where the balance of the unit will be distributed from. Even a minor fluctuation in the leg position can cause the table to move within the casing. This can lead to balls drifting from a cue strike’s normal path. This is where the main damage may occur on a table if untold pressure has been applied to the table. This is normally caused by people leaning upon and sitting on the unit.

We can act as your official servicing company for any emergencies or events. Contact us for details on our competitive rates.