45 years in Cue Sport

With The Handmade Snooker Company, we have over 45 years’ experience in building
customers Snooker and Pool tables. The industry has seen many changes during our time, from the Snooker hall boom of the 1980′s, to today’s thriving home market, but we have remained a constant presence, always providing our unrivaled customer service.

In regards to our service, we differ from many other companies in that we build our granite slate tables completely from scratch. Built in our own workshop, we value quality over quantity. We may take slightly longer to deliver but that extra time is spent honing the product, making sure that its absolutely perfect and to a professional-player level standard before leaving our premises. Any design changes that you want can be added during the process.

We manufacture American Pool tables but with a traditional English design, giving you the best of both sports and English Pool tables and English Snooker tables, outdoors and indoors.

We have built Snooker and Pool tables for notable celebrities, businesses and for personal use.

We value all of our customers equally and maintain a strong clientele base of many years.

We offer:

  • Custom Table Builds, Supplying & Modifying Existing Tables.
  • Re-clothing & Stretching
  • Table Levelling
  • General Repairs
  • General Maintenance
  • Cushion Re-rubbering
  • Pocket Remoulding, Rebuilding, Re-cutting (To Any Size You Require) Slate Repairs, Slate Drop Re-cutting and Rebuilding
  • Timber Rebuilding or Repair
  • Steel Block Cushion Fitting and Upgrading
  • Table Erecting & Dismantling

  • Check out our gallery for examples of previous builds and our Handmade In The Heart Of England page for our creative process being on show!